ICACM-International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics

Mechanics and physics of solids at micro- and nano-scales

11th US-France Symposium, Paris, 19-21 June 2018

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The conference will be located in Paris, at Chime ParisTech and it will be hosted by LSPM, University Paris 13.

The symposyum is the eleventh in a series of US-France symposia of the International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics (ICACM). ICACM is a partnership between several French and American Universities with the scope of promoting joint research at the forefront of computational mechanics.

The scope of the ICACM 2018 conference is to highlight recent advances in all aspects related to non-linear behavior of solids at micro and nano-scales, with focus on the challenges associated with the understanding and modeling of complex interactions. Beyond the US-France cooperation, the organizers have the intention to mix scientists of different backgrounds (Computational Mechanics, Materials Science, Physics, Applied Mathematics) and of different areas of expertise (experimentation, modeling, analysis, theory).

The following topics will be included:

-Damage and plastic deformation of crystals

-Micro- and meso-scale simulations for dislocations and interfaces

-Folding patterns in pre-stressed solids

-Mechanics of fibrous soft matter

-Wetting of nonlinear solids