ICACM-International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics

Mechanics and physics of solids at micro- and nano-scales

11th US-France Symposium, Paris, 19-21 June 2018

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Invited speakers

Jean-Marc Allain (LMS/Polytechnique)
Multi-scale mechanics of soft tissues

Sylvie Aubry (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory )
Dislocation Dynamics Simulations of Materials with Complex Physics

Oana Cazacu (University of Florida )
New Constitutive Modeling of Plastic Anisotropy: from Single-crystal to Polycrystalline Response

Yann Charles (Paris 13 )
Finite Element simulations of hydrogen-plasticity interactions in metallic polycristals

Emmanuel Clouet (SRMP CEA-Saclay)
Atomic-Scale Modelling of Screw Dislocation Mobility in Zr and Ti

Alexandre Danescu (LNL, Lyon)
Geometric incompatibilities and bending of ultra-thin films

Marc Durand (Paris 7, MSC)
Elastic networks with optimal mechanical properties

Anand Jagota (LeHigh University)
Response of a Surface with Extensional and Bending Elasticity

François Lequeux (ESPCI, Paris)
Heterogeneous mechanics of polymers in the glass transition regime, consequences and modeling

Laurent Limat (MSC, Paris 7)
Mechanics of wetting on highly deformable gels

Stepan Lomov (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Morphology and mechanical behaviour of fibrous materials as revealed via micro-computed tomography

Turab Lookman (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
On yield in amorphous solids under periodic shear

Jaime Marian (UCLA)
A Three-dimensional Polycrystal Plasticity Model with Grain Boundary Evolution

Alan Needleman (Texas A&M University)
Shear band development in a planar single crystal under dynamic

Sebastien Neukirch (Institut d'Alembert, Paris 6)
Liquid forces on elastic structures: capillarity prevails at small scales

Laurent Orgeas (University of Grenoble)
Rheology of fiber suspension using 3D imaging and X-ray microtomography

Stefanos Papanikolaou (Johns Hopkins University)
Rare events and uncertainty quantification in crystal plasticity

Srikanth Patala (North Carolina)
The Representation of Grain Boundary Crystallography-Property Relationships Using Hyperspherical Harmonics

Catalin Picu (Rensselaer Poly. Institute)
Structure and mechanics of self-organized fibrous materials with inter-fiber adhesion

Prashant Purohit (University of Pennsylvania)
Compression of fibrin and CNT networks viewed as a phase transition

David Rodney (University of Lyon)
Dislocation vibrations reveal the interplay between long-range elasticity and short-range line tension

Benoît Roman (ESPCI, Paris)
Surface effects on elastic structures

Oguz Umut Salman (CNRS, Paris 13)
Collective nucleation of dislocations accounting for lattice effects

Ankit Srivastava (Texas A&M University)

Lev Truskinovsky (CNRS, ESPCI)
Critical aspects of brittle fracture

Aurélien Vattré (CEA-DAM)
Interfaces in microstructure during phase transitions